“SPECIFIC COURSE for low risk activities.”


Mandatory training.

Current training will be always available to allow completion without due date.
For sharing feedbacks and/or queries regarding the course contents and topics, please contact:

Training Tutor: corsi.formazione@unipv.it
For any technical issues (e.g., changing password, difficult to connect, etc), please contact: staff_kiro@unipv.it

How to access the platform
– visit the address: http://idcd.unipv.it/
– click on menu item: “Kiro”
– choose the tab “Piattaforme” (Platforms)
– click on “Ambiente e Sicurezza” (Environment and Safety)
– login by entering your University credentials (Username: your TAX NUMBER;
Password: your UNIPV PASSWORD)
– Access the course by clicking on: “Specific Course for low risk activities”.

Structure of the course
The course consists of 9 lessons (units) plus a final unit about the regulation.
The navigation through these units is “bound” in that it is not possible to access the following lesson if the previous module has not been completed in all its parts.
Each unit includes a self-assessment test (“Quiz units 1,2,3..etc”): these tests are an opportunity for learning throughout a self-assessment process. Even though they are compulsory and are considered as part of the learning process itself, these tests do not entail any evaluation by the Tutor; as a matter of fact, they should be regarded as a chance to deepen your knowledge of the topics discussed in a certain unit.
At the end of the training. you are invited to fill the “Course evaluation form”: your comments, remarks and proposals on the course will help us to create a product that is more and more meeting your demands and expectations.

The course ends with a “Final assessment”, which is mandatory for all participants. This test can only be attempted 3 times and each attempt should be completed in 30 minutes. This test consists of 24 questions and it will be passed if the number of correct answers is equal to or greater than 75% (at least 18 out of 24).
If” Final assessment” is not successfully completed, attendee will have to repeat the assessment in person on a date to be defined; In such a case, please contact the tutor of the course over the phone or by e-mail.
Only at the end of the training process you will be able to view, download (in PDF format) and save the Course Certificate for the “SPECIFIC COURSE for low risk activities”.
Lastly, it is important to underline that this course is mandatory according to the current regulation. Sanctions can be imposed in case of no-attending according to D.Lgs. 81/08.